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My Story

The first time I learned how diet can affect a person's health, I was 12 years old. My mom was diagnosed with MS, and her doctor told her to avoid dairy and red meat. She maintained a simple diet of fish and white chicken, nuts and seeds, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables.

As I started having my own family, I thought I was doing a pretty good job of feeding them… that is until they started experiencing a variety of symptoms as teenagers. After visiting a naturopath with my special-needs daughter Sara, I found out she was allergic to dairy (and I was allergic to eggs)! Within the same few years, my other daughter contracted mono, and my youngest son caught meningitis. Although there were other contributing factors, such as stress and exposure, without a good diet to support a strong immune system, my children had very little chance of preventing these diseases.

I had just begun my journey with whole food nutrition and decided traditional medicine would only help my family in the short term. We needed change that would last a lifetime.

I took a daunting look at nutritional guidance and saw the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables was 7-13 serving per day. And it was even higher for teenage boys! “There is no way,” I thought, to get that kind of nutrients into my children daily!” I felt discouraged, but I knew there had to be a solution. That solution for myself and my family has been Juice Plus.


The Process

By eating healthier, people avoid going to the doctor, paying for medications, and missing days of work. Junk food messes with the gut, and that inflammation contributes to illness. It’s a perpetual cycle of poor eating and medicating. My role as a health coach is to give my clients the tools to make better decisions for their family's health. It is possible to lead a busy lifestyle and maintain a good diet, yet still enjoy eating great food! It's not a sacrifice to make better choices, and the payoff for switching to healthier eating is more time doing the things you love and spending less money on the things you don't.

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